Feidian Machining Co., Ltd. , founded in 2017, is an enterprise with professional R & D and design talents of industrial non-standard equipment and complete management team. It has advanced automation equipment, covering various automatic machining centers (gantry milling, five axis machine, high-speed machine, etc.), common turning, milling and grinding supporting processing equipment and various high-precision testing instruments. Over the years, it has focused on precision machining in the fields of machinery, automation, automobile, electronics, medical treatment, semiconductor and new energy, and has a good reputation and excellent experience in the precision machining industry.
The introduction of domestic and foreign industry advanced equipment,
many years of industry production experience and strict quality inspection system
make each precision machined part meet global standards.

Advanced equipment for production and inspection

Such as Five-axis Machine (DM), CNC,WEDM-LS, Mirror EDM, Internal/External Grinder, Laser Cutting, 3D CMM, Height Gauge and Material Analyzer etc. from Germany, Japan, Switzerland and United States.

Strict quality management system

From the beginning of processing, scientifically design the processing program; In the process, keep improving work attitude; The detection process is rigorous for many times!