We can customize the production of all kinds of precision machinery parts according to the requirements of customers, products related to machinery, electronics, automation, automotive, medical, new energy and other fields. Advanced production and inspection equipment, coupled with strict quality management system, make each precision mechanical part more accurate and better quality!
Processing capacity
  • 5 Axis CNC Milling

    5 axis CNC machining center provides precision machining of high precision and complex parts.

  • CNC Milling (3-4Axis)

    Provide 3-axis and 4-axis CNC milling services.

  • CNC Turning(2-6Axis)

    Provide 1-400(mm) CNC turning and milling compound processing


    Provide precision wire cutting machining

  • Mirror EDM Wire & Spark Erosion

    Provide precision parts mirror spark machining.

  • Circular Grinding

    Provide precision grinding of holes and outer circles.

  • Sheet Metal

    Provide laser cutting, sheet metal bending, welding one-stop servic-e processing.

  • Heat Treatment&Finish

    Polish, anodise, Inactivation, zinc/nickel/chrome and silver plating, heat treatment etc.

Quality control

Quality policy:

Customer first, mission must be achieved. Lean innovation is never satisfied.

Quality goal:

Strive to obtain 100% customer satisfaction, and the normal compliance rate is greater than 98%.
The quality system is established on the basis of ISO9001:2015 and 5S.

3 Points Internal Micrometer

Height Gauge

Material Analyzer



3D CMM Operation

Quality Department

Advanced equipment for production and inspection

Such as Five-axis Machine (DM), CNC,WEDM-LS, Mirror EDM, Internal/External Grinder, Laser Cutting, 3D CMM, Height Gauge and Material Analyzer etc. from Germany, Japan, Switzerland and United States.

Strict quality management system

From the beginning of processing, scientifically design the processing program; In the process, keep improving work attitude; The detection process is rigorous for many times!

Machine Samples